Our Pool Building Process

Once you’ve decided to build your dream swimming pool, the following is the construction process that Queensland Family Pools & Spas will follow.

Design Process

01: On-site Consultation

During your free on-site consultation with Terry, you will discuss your custom concrete swimming pool, fencing, and hardscaping requirements, collaborate ideas and set project budget.

02: Pool Concept Design & Quote

Our award-winning design team will bring your vision to life in our pool Design Studio. The sales team will put together your Quote.

03: Quote Acceptance/ Pre-Check

Concrete Swimming pool quote is firmed up and we engage a private certifier to check the site for any assets or easements.

Construction Process

Stage 1: Paperwork

Engineered pool design, Lodgement of paperwork to private certifiers.

Stage 2: Pool Excavation

Mark out & Excavation of your pool.

Stage 3: Steel & Concrete

Steel Fixing & Internal plumbing. Sprayed with concrete to form up your pool shell.

Stage 4: Coping & Tiling

Coping tiles are installed to finish the top edge of the pool. Additional Tiling is hand laid.

Stage 5: Plumbing & Filtration

Connection of external plumbing to equipment on a pre-cast
concrete slab.

Stage 6: Fencing

Pool compliant fencing and hardscapes installed, which is
then inspected by a private certifier.

Stage 7: Pool Interior

Pebble Crete sprayed, with 1-2mm glass or pebble beads.

Stage 8: Start Up

Once your pool is filled with water, we start up your pool’s
filtration system.

Stage 9: Handover

Our in-house service team will walk you through how to use your equipment & maintain your pool.

Stage 10: Servicing

As part of our complimentary inclusions, we provide 6 free services after your pool has been handed over.

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