Pool Servicing

We ensure you have a healthy and safe aquatic environment.

Brisbane Pool Maintenance & Servicing

As part of our complimentary inclusions, we provide six free services after your pool construction is completed. Our in-house team ensures that you have a safe and healthy aquatic environment at all times.

Our Pool Servicing Team

Queensland Family Pools & Spas has its own in-house service division, with scheduled monthly servicing from our expert technicians who help take the hassle out of your regular pool care. 

Our team performs full diagnostic water tests and checks all equipment to ensure your pool maintains the proper water balance. By monitoring and adjusting the chemical levels, we prevent common issues such as algae growth, cloudy water, and skin irritations – keeping your pool water perfect and crystal clear.

By choosing our in-house pool servicing professionals, you benefit from the expertise of technicians who are not only technically skilled, but are also passionate about making sure that your pool stays as perfect outdoor oasis.

Turnkey Pool Solutions

Get in touch with the Queensland Family Pools & Spas team today.

Frequently Asked Questions

The costs of your pool servicing can vary depending on the size of your pool, the level of service required (basic cleaning vs. chemical balancing, ect.), and the frequency of service that is needed. To get a personalised quote, contact our friendly team for a free consultation. Every project also includes 6 months of free pool servicing to get you started on your new journey.

Our in-house team provides monthly pool servicing. If you’re concerned about factors like pool usage or weather, we can help determine the ideal service schedule for your specific pool.

Yes, we offer both! We’re happy to provide a one-time deep clean or create a customised pool maintenance plan for ongoing care.

Yes, our experienced technicians can help if you’re noticing cloudy water, unusual algae growth, equipment malfunctions, or other issues that might need professional troubleshooting. We can diagnose the problem and recommend solutions to keep your pool beautiful and running optimally.

If urgent pool issues like major leaks or equipment breakdowns arise, we can provide emergency servicing (availability permitting). Contact us for more details.

We are primarily focused on servicing residential pools and outdoor spaces across Brisbane. 

Scheduling a pool service appointment is easy! Just give our team a call, contact us through our online contact form, or send us an email. We’ll be happy to discuss your pool care needs or to schedule a consultation on your preferred date.